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    At a Glance...

    Coffee Break is a social platform powered by PHMC GPE LLC to ease Events promotion and Direct Marketing actions.
    A "All In One" (AIO) platform allowing our Clients and Partners to work from one place :
    • Event creation, Free and/or Paid
    • Guests registration and Constant Contact
    • Social posting and sharing
    • Direct marketing and e-mailing creation and sending
    • News-Letter design and sending
    • Auto-responder
    • Subscriber lists management
    • Survey & Research products
    • Marketing Analysis

    How to use and benefit of Coffee Break?

    We do not want a full registration, payment, creation "auto-processes" on such platform, because you all have your ideas, needs and expectations for your Marketing campaigns. We designed that platform to create a real & genuine "1 TO 1" relationship with our customers and our customers'customers; that's the reason why we require a Direct Contact with you before allowing a complete access to Coffee Break features.
    As soon as you create an account / register with us, we want to talk with you Live to understand your needs and guide you through your Marketing process to obtain the best results.

    You wonder how much it costs?

    You are right - For sure it is not free!
    As son as you create an account we will contact you by email and/or telephone to review with you the best plan to implement depending on your aims.
    Whatever you want to promote an Event, create a News-Letter, sending a Marketing or promotional campaign, our Team members will advise and assist you.
    First step : you receive a complete and detailed offer. so, no bad surprises, no hidden costs...... all is Crystal Clear!
    Then your access is granted to the features you selected.
    After a 2 hours demonstration/training on "How to....." you delight the pleasure of creating yourself the right Marketing tools you need for the best return and result. An other option can be " Do it for me" .... but "Show me the results...."

    Am I totally Free using Coffee Break marketing tools?

    Yes... you are Free!
    No "auto-renewal" contract, no Hidden fees, no expenses for nothing!
    That is also why we forward you a formal offer and do not start any process before your fully confirm your agreement/commitment to proceed with. You just need to create your actions in accordance with International Rules and Regulations and Federal Law of the United States of America about Marketing campaigns and online & offline promotion. We will guide you also to remain strictly in such rules and values.

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