Research products

    Know your Customer!

    This is the main principle! Research products and Inquiries supply necessary Information to develop and follow-up the Marketing & CRM initiatives. The constant evolution of the Environment of the company, constraint to collect more and more information to remain competitive. A gold-mine of added value in real time:
    while collecting regularly information the Company will direct its actions and its strategy of Relations face to face of its existing Clienteleand its Targets.
    Survey package is a "Tool Box" of research products which are:
    Simple, Pragmatic, Functional and Customized.
    A Helping Tool for the decision makers and Development: The results of Survey are analyzed and interpreted, in common , with the management of the Company. Data collected in the outside (coming from Customers), those collected internally (Motivation of the Teams,Culture, etc.) will be used as handling tools to the decision for the development of the Marketing & CRM strategies . It is the method of the most effective Measurement to make sensitive the whole company in the actions to be set up. External Surveys
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer Expectations
    • Customer feedback
    • Mystery shopping
    • Etc.
    Internal Surveys
    • Profiling
    • TeanWork building
    • Team potentiality Analysis
    • Team motivation
    • Etc.
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